Visualizing my career path

Iosi Pratama

I want to be someone combination of Jony Ive, Jack Dorsey, and Garry Tan.

I’ve been asking myself this question many times. I was unsure about the answer, however, now it is getting clear what I want to be regarding my career onwards.

This is visualisation. I believe in what people call as Law of Attraction so when we want something and we write it, the universe will conspire to help us achieve it.

So here you go I’m visualizing my career path professionally.

UI UX Designer or Product designer (IC)

This started when I decided to work as UI UX Designer in a software agency 4 years ago. I learned everything I need to know and acquire to design websites and mobile apps.

I’m part of a design team as a junior designer. Learned a lot from my seniors back then. After from the agency, I was working remote independently for clients' work.

Then joined Itsavirus after that. It was Cleq/Melalie when I joined before it merge. Another software agency based in Bali with offices in Singapore and Amsterdam. I managed to work there for about 2.3 years. Got the chance to be in charge in about more than 12 clients which gave me a ton of opportunities and experiences.

Lead & founding designer in an early-stage startup

This is my current stage at the moment. I’m currently responsible for everything related to design at Finblox, a new early-stage startup building a crypto product based in Hongkong.

This is I can say the next step which needs another level of role within a company. I got the power to influence the direction of the company from the design perspective.

Here I want to learn as much as possible about hows everything going in the early stage startup. Not only the functional area but from the organization's pov as well.

Co-founding a startup

The next step that I have in mind is to become an entrepreneur. Building a startup with friends or partners as a co-founder. The startup is probably about Fintech, Investment or Consumer SaaS because those are things I’m interested in.

All of the lessons, experiences, and network when I was working in early-stage startup will be useful in this times. 

As a co-founding a designer, I really want to build a design-centric product such a Uber, Airbnb, and Apple. Invest more in the design process since the day one so that we can build beautiful and lovable products for users or customers. 

Investing in early-stage startup (As an Angle or VC)

In the Future, I want to invest more in early-stage startups. Perhaps I will still be an operational entrepreneur in a startup being Chief Design or CEO.

In the same, hopefully, I can help other young startups to grow with my bits of help in experiences and capital.

I want to be an angel investor who invests in companies that transform industries with great customer experience (UX).

Maybe when I found partners, we will form a venture similar to Designer Fund. But this is all designers from Indonesia.

I think so far those are career paths that I will work on. The road ahead will be not smooth and I know that. That's not going to be a linear journey.

A lot of dedication, hard work, stress, and pain is waiting for me to make it real and I’m ready for that.

Sun, 16 Oct 2022

Written in my boarding house in Bali on a slow Sunday.

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