Product designer focused on designing beautifully simple iOS apps.

Main Profile
OTP Authenticator iOS App - Iosi Pratama
Password Manager iOS app design
Photo Editor iOS App Design - Iosi Pratama
Classi - Iosi Pratama
AI Writing iOS App Design - Iosi Pratama
AI Writing Tool - Iosi Pratama
Chat AI iOS App Design - Iosi Pratama
Crypto Defi Wallet App - Iosi Pratama
Swheels iOS App design  - Iosi Pratama
Cash Tech NFT - Iosi Pratama


A variety of past design projects I've worked on.

YEAR company/client
2023 Tappz
2023 Aksestani
2022 Finblox
2022 Favourse
2021 Cash Tech
2021 Coinbase NFT
2021 BaliHive
2021 Beneko
2021 Professional Designer
2021 SwissLinguist
2021 SwissPayout
2021 Sentricor
2021 Itsavirus
2020 Swheels
2020 Classi
2019 Payo


I mainly help founders of new startups create their digital products. I've worked on many different projects in the past.

Nowadays, I'm concentrating on designing apps for Apple devices. In the future, I want to design more software for productivity and practical use. I also enjoy making websites with Webflow.

I currently live and work remotely in Bali, Indonesia.. 🏝️


I'd like to share my ideas and thoughts through writing.


Taking casual photos and capturing interesting moments.