Am I ready?

Iosi Pratama

The next month (February 2019) will be my last month working on Djavaweb as a UI UX Designer. I feel enjoy and learning a lot of stuff in there. Time flies fast, I want to move to another challenge so I could do what I really love and grow up more. And I think the time is now.

But ... Am I ready?

My resignation letter has been sent to my CEO and he approved it. I sent it on December 28, 2018. I planned that the last day on Djavaweb would be on January 31, 2019.

But, because of the company situation right now that still needs me a lot. The CEO asked me to change the resignation time become February. So my last in there will be February 28, 2019. Then I accept it.

My initial plan is to want to focus on UX Design. The field that I am strongly on is. I want to continue my career working on a real UX Design Project. I want to contribute as a UX Designer on the team.

So, what I would do on the next journey? Especially in March 2019?

So far, The alternatives are becoming Remote Working or Freelancing.

Yes, I confused. September 2019 I have to study on College (Kampus Bisnis Umar Usman) in Jakarta. It has a correlation with my choice whether become Freelancer or Remote Worker. Both sides have pros and cons, Let me write it about those.

Doing Freelancing


  • It will be challenging because I'll control all of the aspects of my future career.
  • My college will support its students to become an entrepreneur.
  • Another pro, I shouldn't apply for a job, design a CV, Make a UX Case Study, or look for job opportunities on the internet.
  • I have bought the Freelancer Guide online course' from Hay Academy and I still haven't learned it yet. I also could take a course on The Interaction Design Foundation "Become Freelance Designer" which will be a good guide for me.
  • The experience will be good for my future plan to become an entrepreneur.


For cons to become freelance is more on questions such as:

  • Am I ready for the up-and-down financial situation?
  • Is my current skill needed by the market?
  • Am I ready to feel more stressed because I will think about finding a client, maintaining communications, doing negotiations, and other things? So it will make it difficult to focus on learning UX Design.

On the other hand, Remote Working become a good alternative because of their pros and cons.

Doing Remote Working


  • I will get a stable salary every month. Umm, so I don't worry about the money.
  • My salary will be higher than the average Salary Minimum in Surabaya, Indonesia.
  • My task focuses on UX Design and the relation of UX things.


  • Am I ready to work on a standard foreign company/startup?
  • Am I ready to communicate better with stakeholders?
  • Will it support me when I study in College in Sept 2019?
  • I have to make a UX Case Study, apply to a company, and worry about the contract.

It would be great if I could be a freelance UX Designer and do contract work with a UX Design Agency. So, I could still do work flexibly. I do UX Design work. Also, I get a stable income. My last year working as a UI UX Designer made me worried about finances when I was freelancing.

Every choice has a consequence. Until now, I don't know what choice I'm gonna make.

Am I ready to do that?

Okay, Iosi. It is not your time to think whether you are ready or not. Let's change the question, how are you ready for that challenge?

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