Things to do in the next 5 years 2022 - 2027

Iosi Pratama

We’re in the end of 2021. I’m grateful because this year has taught me a lot about how to be a better designer.

I’ve been working on different projects whether working from the office or freelance. 2021 also taught me how to work with different types of clients, how to stay calm and think clearly in hard situations, how to work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders and hone my product design skills.

We can count the days now and we will be in 2022. I have several things that I want to do within 5 years from now, especially in the professional area.

Running a profitable product design studio

After working with clients for many years as an employee in agencies and freelance work. I want to have a partner so that we can build a product design studio together.

In the design studio that I will create, we will help our clients design their digital products and make them really good. When I say really good, I mean it. Make it different and better than average.

I also want to work with famous startups and well-known people. Startups, Big Brands, People from Twitter, or the community.

Being profitable is important here. I want to give a top salary to the team. It will be my responsibility to find and experiment with business models.

I also want to buy or invest in other profitable businesses. Just like what Tiny Capital has been doing.

Making own digital product

I also want to build my own startup later. Next year in 2022 I will be joining a new startup called Finblox. There I will be helping them in charge of the design side. I will contribute and learn as much as possible how to build and run a small startup organization.

From that experience, I will use it to build my own team and startup. Probably SaaS, Microservice, or other things related to investment and productivity tools.

It is also possible to build a startup while running a product design studio as long as I can make the studio run without me.

Investing in people and early stage startup

This is also something that I want to learn and do. I want to invest in early-stage startup. Peter Hoang, The CEO of Finblox is a person who did it before. I will learn from him the knowledge and strategy.

There are popular platforms that I know at the moment to join in investing in an early-stage startup such as Republic and Angel List.

Probably I will invest in Indonesian Startups and people.

Travelling overseas

This year, I had an opportunity to work at Ledger in Paris, France but I decided to not move forward because of some concerns. There are some countries in Europe, Japan, and Singapore that I want to visit on my bucket list. 

I want to work and live there at least few months to feel the living rhythm.

Be Financially Freedom

Yes, I include this on this list as well. I want to make good money so that I can invest it back which hopefully in the end will give me enough passive income.

The state of freedom because of the strong financial situation will also help me to focus on the things that I can learn without worrying about money.

That’s all of the things that I want to do within 5 years from now. 

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