The best gift for my 24th Birthday

Iosi Pratama

I will be 24 years old next month. Time flies so fast, yesterday I felt like 18 when I just graduated from Vocational School and looking for my next path whether go to college to continue studying, apply to work in a company, or start a business.

Looking back, I chose to start my own business, failed, and worked in different companies until now. I didn't go to college. I have no regrets because I did what I wanted to do.

Tomorrow, I will be 24th.

I'm thinking about what will be the greatest gift that I can give to myself.

Last year, It was Kindle. It has been helping me read more books. The year before last year was iPad Pro. It also has been helping me in many aspects of learning and working.

What will be my gift for this year?

The best gift is not about the stuff or expensive material things. It should be something that will add value to myself in the long term.

So this year, I was thinking the greatest gift for myself is being a lifelong learner, Getting deeper into the design, and learning more about being humble.

Let's talk about each one of those.

Being a Lifelong Learner.

It means I'm seeing life as a chance to learn, literally anything. I know nothing at first, then I can put effort and energy in order to understand it.

I'm entering adult life which needs a completely different skill set and manner than when I was a teenager. Allowing myself to learn will be the best gift that I can give for myself.

Getting deeper into the design.

I have been a UI UX Designer for more than 5 years now. I realize I still know few about design. The fundamentals are still weak.

I want to unlearn and relearn design again from the beginning. I do it by making my own curriculum of what I need to learn and with timelines inspired by other designers on youtube.

Being Humble.

I acknowledge sometimes I'm stubborn especially at work when receiving inputs from other teams. My previous colleague at Finblox mentioned this a few times.

I have been working on it. I admire people who are amazingly humble despite their great works & status. Hence, I want to consciously practice humility to be like them.

That's all. Those are the best gift that I can give to myself in the long term. Looking forward!

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