How I choose Company that I work for?

Iosi Pratama

I use Airtable as software to measure the number of how I match with a company or not.

Choosing a company as a place to work for your next journey could be tricky and confusing, especially when you so critical of how you will work in the long term with them. Let's say a year. If you are in the right company, you'll grow so fast. Your knowledge, skill, and networking will help you survive when you leave the company and decide to build your own business. Or working in another company.

However, if you're in the common company. Work just works. You do something repetitively. A year later, you still like this situation. Grow but not significant. But, don't worry again. After you read my writing this afternoon, Insyaallah, I hope you could make a map of your dream company.

Here, I'll share with you my little trick to help me when choosing a company for a long term career. I make a rating based on number of criteria for a company I looking for.

Sound weird? Wkwkw, it's okay. Let me give you an example of my own. Here you go.

I used Airtable as software to make this one. It's like a common table. But, let's break it down.


The company means the company name. The first column contains the name of the company. Just name it. Make sure to write it.


The area is the domain of the company or product. We could say its category. In my example, I write like Incubator, Venture Capital, Startup, and Studio / Agency. It helps you make clear about the company's focus. For me, I don't like working on a company such as financial banking services/products, tax finance, and rent house. For me, I have interesting in working on UX Design Studio, Startup with an educational product-based or a company that produces a productivity tool.


The status could be Full-time, Part-time, Freelancer, and Intern. Write like the opportunity you get.


As in this column mean a position or job title. Example for me mostly UI UX Designer.

Number Rating of My Criteria

The next couple of columns will be the rating number. I used a rating between 1–4. 1 for the lowest and 4 for the maximum. What I measured? 3 Things as the main advantage for now.

UX / UI Focused

Whether I could focus on UX Design or not is important for me. When I choose to work for a company, It also means my opportunity to learn and focus on a specific skill set. Let's UI UX Designer. The skillset would be around research, concept, make a wireframe, design a prototype, design high-fidelity mockup, and playing with motion if needed. It's different when I'm doing freelancer. I have to find a client, negotiating, make a contract, etc.

Opportunity to go to Overseas

This is an added value for me if a company allows me to go overseas. Whether it's for a meeting, research, attending an event, or just traveling bonus. I really hopes for this one.


If I believe the company gives me a competitive salary, I give them 3 or 4 numbers. Salary also critical as you know with enough money you could doing something better more. Mee too. With enough money, I could help family, friends, and others. It's also helping me to buy quality books, online courses, and workshops. All of them to improve my skill and knowledge so I can contribute more.

Target Area

How much within 1-4 this company match with my target area?


Total is the whole number. From this column, I could compare a company with the other.

Does this role fit into my long-term career plans

Simple Checkbox. Yes or Not. Did you think that the company will help you achieve your life goals?

Link to apply

This column could be a Link or contact phone or email to ask and apply for the work.

After I make a table like above. It helps me to make a decision wisely. I could apply at the top of the ratings. But they not necessarily accept. However, at least from this table of company. I don't apply to each company by emotionally. I do something like research first. I hope this approach could inspire you a little bit. You could modify this based on your needs and conditions.

The last, before you apply to the company, it would be better if you gathering information first. Collect some of the company. Then, if you believe, you could apply it. See you and have a nice day. Good luck.

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