I'm looking to shift from Freelancing to Remote Working? ?

Iosi Pratama

Freelancing is fascinating. Now, how about working remotely in a company?

After 7 months on freelancing, Feeling up and down as a freelancer. Now, I want to feel a new challenge. A new challenge that could drive me to the next level. Like what my mentor was said, When you still young, try everything. Try every type of work. It would help you grow as a person. You'll have many experiences, later on, to help you make a decision when you getting older.

So Today, On Monday on 14 October 2019 at My Simple Home Office, I'm looking for a remote job opportunity for the next quartal or maybe until next year. Looking for a job could be tricky, because when I choose the right job at the right company. It affects good on my personal development.

But, the opposite When I choose the wrong company, I'll face a hard situation. I'm not ready for it. Cause I'm not looking for every company who offers me a job. I select a company that I work for critically. These are my criteria for what I'm looking for when searching for a remote job.

Remote or Locate on Interesting City

The first thing, I would prefer to working remotely from my home office. It could help me stay close to my family and friends. Also, the living cost in Surabaya isn't really high. I have everything in here.

Or I also want to relocate to an interesting city or country. I have a dream to work in a city such as Prague, London, Sans Fransisco, and Singapore once day.

Competitive Salary

Not asking for much money. But, with enough money, I could do something better more such as helping my family and others. It also could help me to pay annual bills and set up the work environment more comfortable and gaining more productivity.

With enough money, I also could invest in skill and knowledge more by buying more quality books, joining an online course, or even attending a great Global Design Conference.

Opportunity to Grow as Designer & Human

When I work for a company, I hope not just working, designing, delivering, and get paid. I also want to learn and grow as a designer. That's why things such as Work culture supportive to grow, Appreciate failing would give me space and time to doing some exploration and get better. I realized my English and public speaking skill not really good. I hope could train it too to improve myself.

Domain on Education, Productivity, Studio

These are a niche I'd like to work for. It because aligns with my value of life. Working on a product that aligns with our values made us enthusiast in everyday work because we work so deeply and passionately. Working on an educational software product, productivity tools, or design studio makes me excited.

That's all. I hope to get this challenge starting this month. Insyaallah.

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