Things to consider when I choose working on a company

Iosi Pratama

These are things that I consider when deciding to work on a company. Its like my checklist when seeking a new challenge in my life.

Grow as a human and designer

It means besides I working on a company and give value to them. I want to learn from all human no exception on that company, learn from their leader, team, culture, etc. So I could implement the lesson when I building my own business.

Opportunity to travelling

Yes, because I really want to learn and travel around the world especially in europe(Prague, London, Amsterdam, and Istanbul).

Domain are on UX Agency, Education, or Productivity

Because, that field is I'm really passionate and I enjoy to do it. UX agency is more okay because I could learn how they working as a company, starting from finding new client, maintain communication, do strategy, etc.

Flexible remote and Value based Salary

So far, I still love with remote position so I don't look for a job About Salary, I just want it balance with impact that I bring to the company.

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