A goodbye letter

Iosi Pratama

Hi Itsavirus Team 👋,

I met Bill Gates in Ubud, then he invited me to adventure for the next 6 months. Thats why I decided to leave this company.

Well, not exactly. It is true that I’m leaving. Tomorrow Friday, 17 Dec 2021 will be my last day.

Let me rephrase. I don't know how to write this letter. How could you summarize a worthwhile experience in 2-3 sentences? I couldn’t do that.

But, I'm going to try. I'll divide this letter by 3 parts.

  1. Wrap-up my work
  2. Thank you page
  3. What's next

Wrap-up Work

In the last 2 months in my notice period. I have been working on 2 projects which are Cash Tech and Itsavirus.

Cash Tech

There are a couple of things that I did for Cash Tech.

* I was working with the team building the NFT Display feature.

* Continue to work on product design updates.

* Made swap feature designs that are currently in development progress.

I also had a discussion with Yugo, a designer that probably will continue designing Cash Tech app in the future. All of the design assets are on Figma and Google Drive.


For Itsavirus, there are a couple of things as well that I want to mention.

Itsavirus Logo Update

There is a readability issue on Itsavirus logo at the moment that takes a moment for people to read it and know what is that without a mistake.

I propose to update the text on the logo to Jochem so that we have a better logo. A logo that could present Itsavirus with a modern look and feel in the future.

After a while of the design process. We come up with this logo.

I hope we could start to use the new logo in 2022.

I also created an update of brand identity. It's all on Figma and google drive shared folder. 

Itsavirus Website Updates

Jochem also asked me to update some contents on Itsavirus. We end up updating 3 pages. Homepage, Career Page, and Associate Program.

I did the design. Wika and Raesa helped me with the content, and Adiva is working on implementation.

Itsavirus Pitch Deck Updates

Itsavirus Pitch Deck Updates

I also update Itsavirus Pitch Deck. Adding some contents and deleting some contents. I hope Jochem could bring more projects to the team next year.

Design Chapter

Some notes for the design chapter.

* I've put files related with the project on Figma

* I've created a shared folder on Dropbox that contains all of the files that I created before.

* Guys, let me know if there is I can help even after I work for another company. 

Thank you page

I'm glad to be part of the company journey. We're still 8 when I first came in. Now we are more than 40s working in a big beautiful villa.

Itsavirus Melalie Back Then 
Itsavirus Now

There are countless hours, days, and moments that we did together. Worked on projects, Staycations, Climbed a mountain, played various sport, travelled around Bali, and many more.  

Football time at Umalas ⚽
Design Chapter Meeting 🍃
Littletalk but ... 💛
Greeting from 5,633 ft ⛰
Squad 5 Eaaat 🥘
Makan-makan kedonganan

Here are a few people that I can't thank enough (in no particular order) because you have helped me in many aspect.

Jan  ⇢ A figure of many aspects for me. The person who open the door for me to have a story  working in Bali. A coworker, friend, and mentor. 

Jochem  ⇢ I really want to learn they way you lead us softly. You also showed me how to handle a difficult situation. You gave me opportunity and trust. 

Mba Dwi ⇢ We were only two back then. You guided me in my early days at Melalie. I learn humility from you. Please don’t forget me haha.  

Mas Andreas  ⇢ We stay overnight in the old office villa and spent hours of talking. Other than that, Mount Batur. Baminton, and many more activities. 

Mba Wika ⇢ You still remember when we got wet because of of rain on the beach right? Haha  🏖   

Mba Raesa ⇢ You’re so smart, wise, independence. Merci you have been an awesome hr for us. 

Mba Rani ⇢ Thanks for being there for me when I was sick. 🤒 You also help a lot when we (Beneko Project) has a trouble. You came and spread your positivity. 

Staycation & Travelling Folks  

Mas Andreas, Mba Wika, Mba Dwi, Mba Raesa, Abang Faris, Marvel and Mba An Nisa. I really enjoy the time we spent together outside of office hour. Shall we do it again next year? 😅 

Team 2

I was part of team 2 working with Mas Mega, Mas Rohman, dan the other bapak-bapak (Mas Helmi, Pak Bernard, Mas Aldy).

I was asking many questions about married and build a family. I'm thankful got a lot of insights. It will be a good foundation. 

Team 3

I also was part of team 3. Mas Dwi, Mas Khrisna, Mas Wita, Aris, Marvel, Faris. 

I believe you still remember our Harlem shake when we were gabut, right? Wanna do it again someday? 

Team 5 ⇢

Even I could say that our time is not that long. It successfully give me a lot of memory.  Thanks Mas Rio, Mba Rani, Tegar, Kelvin, Mas Alfa, Mas Fajar. 

Design Chapter 

Go go go. Mba Dwi and Mas Rafly are awesome people. I believe Itsavirus designer will be greater than what now. 

All of the people that I can't mention one by one here.

Miss Linda, Pandu, Vivi, Bu Nengah, Mas Ragil, Mas Yogi, Mas Angga, Mas Felix, Pak Supri, Mba Dian, Nila, Mbok Kadek etc. Terima kasih karena telah bersedia mengenal dan dikenal.  

Thanks. I've enjoyed and learned a lot from you all.

What's next for me

Some of you already know where I will go and do on my next journey. But if you don't and still wondering. I've decided to join a startup that will focus on crypto things called Finblox.

It will be a remote work which mean I can work from anywhere. I put Bali as one of my first option to live and work from. So, it’s very possible to meet, hangout, or even staycation together as we use to do.

Last but least, let’s connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

A picture taken by Raesa using her own phone

Cheers 🙏,


16 Dec 2021, Tropical Office

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