We make money to make more value

Iosi Pratama

Did you try to think and observe how a person with low-income work and how a person with high income works?

I know low and high is really bias. It depends on many things.

My definition compare to your definition is maybe a little bit different.

However, let's make an agreement. We make our perspective same. Low income is someone how got income below the average of their country/region. High income is somehow got unlimited income. He creates how much ever they could.

I observed an employee who works every day from 9 to 5. They do a daily task, make it done, and let's go home because it's already evening.

I also observed an entrepreneur or creative workers such as writers, arts, and so on who in daily day producing something and deliver it to the world.

Their key is they make something or value. There is a mindset that I got from the observing time.

We make money to make more value

That is an approach that I got from an entrepreneur, writer, content creator, etc.

They create content. Deliver it. Then, the world will consume it. When the content is good enough, they'll get paid. From that paid, they do something to support their activity to create more content or. That's it.

Like Robert Kiyosaki said, money is and exchanges of ideas or value. If we could create more ideas or values that consumed by a lot of people, we could generate more money.

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