The Someday Fund

Iosi Pratama

on October 20, 2021

The Someday Fund is a principles and methods shared by John Zeratsky to help him and his wife achive financially freedom which mean where they don't depend on their paycheck anymore.

He sum up the methods become 3 simple methods.

1. Create multiple stream of incomes

2. Create Surplus. Spent less than we earned

3. Invest the rest on the market (stocks)

In each method, there are more explanation there.

For example in the "create surplus" methods. He write some trick to help him do it such as to keep the fixed expenses low. To attain that, he even stays in her one-bedroom apartment together with his wife, sharing one use car, and stop unuse subscriptions and membership. Through these ways, he can save up to 50% to the usual expenses.

Also in order to create surplus, he also need to create more income sources. He end up wrote a book, then get the continuity royalty.

The last method to invest back the money. There many instrument where he can put they money on. His option goes on Stock Market. He observed the same thing among people who get their financially freedom, he found that mostly they have stock within the companies, and get the dividen from them.

To have the stock, either they build their own companies or buy stock through investing.

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