My First $1000 Portfolio on Global Stocks

Iosi Pratama

April 2021 was my first time invested in public companies from outside of Indonesia. I use an app called Gotrade to invest.

Today, 17 October 2021 is mark of my first $1000 investment. I write this article as a milestone that I will remember and reflect in the future.

My Investment Approach

I invest for the long-term period which about 5-10 years or forever. It makes me chill from up and down the price within short period.

Fundamental aspect including how well I know the business would sustain and grow in the future. The company vision. Top founders and team.

Mostly invest in tech companies because this is the industry that I know at least I use the product every day.

My preference sectors are Financial Service, O2O, SaaS.

My Portfolio

Here are my portfolios. This screenshots is taken today, 17 Oct 2021.

My last investment

My last investment was yesterday when I added additional investment on TEAM, FVRR, and SE.

I follow the dollar-cost averaging approach to invest where I will invest every month no matter the price is.


This article is only for information only. Not Financial Advice. You should research and learn how to pick companies by yourself.

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