Why I am optimistic with Indonesia

Iosi Pratama

if you want to change your country, lead it.

That sentence is the most striking in the film, somehow I forgot the title of the film. For me, it applies to Indonesia today. If you, who feel pessimistic about the country and fed up with all the news there, change! If there is no other way to change it except to lead this country, lead! Indonesia does not need to imitate any country. Indonesia is Indonesia. It is a happy country. Happiness index is more important than being superpower country but with a very high crime rate. Indonesia is also now beginning to become an independent state. Indonesia has emerged in 

1000 Startup Digital National Movement

, a movement in which we are all over Indonesia, all stakeholders concerned with Indonesia, together build a startup ecosystem in Indonesia. I believe with Indonesia, I believe in Surabaya. Indonesia also has a great new idol, as 

Leonika Sari

. Capable women from Surabaya who care about the lives of many people with this start-up 


. A startup that helps them moribund lack of blood, get a chance life back with bloodstock is always available. In Indonesia, there is also a 


 who always gave good news for Indonesia. The works of the nation, and more optimism. Indonesia needs to act. More work for Indonesia. Do not just complain irony. I am a person who has big dreams for Surabaya and Indonesia I always irony with education Indonesia, Indonesian government. We were Indonesian. Okay, let us together make a change from Indonesia. In my opinion, the solution aid money for Indonesian students is important, even Indonesia Pintar program is a good program. But the solution is more important is to correct their mindset. For Indonesian youth, who want to correct mindset, just read the writings on 


. Be part of the movement of Indonesia. If Bill Gates said, "get up infrastructure and then the new innovators will emerge". And the infrastructure was started to be built in Indonesia. Co-Working Space began to appear, and new communities have sprung up. I am very optimistic about Indonesia. And you? Finally, I close this article with quotes from Panji Pragiwaksono.

If people knew what I know about Indonesia, they will also be optimistic

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