Blank Paper

Iosi Pratama

The future is like a blank paper. What we do now is like typing, writing, or drawing on the paper. We are scratching it until the paper is full of our stories. Thats when we die.

If you are confused of what to do now. Maybe you can think later if you die. What would be something that you expect have done. You can write your story starting from the end. According to some people, its much easier and impactful.

There is an idea called write your own Wikipedia. Imagine you were die and you have your own wikipedia with all informations about your life including your work, contribution to society, something that you make, etc. Try to write it once for yourself. This will make you thinking and do harder so that you put a dent in the world.

We are living temporary in this world. It shorter than what we realized. Yesterday feels like we just started go to school. Now we already in 20s starting to be an adult. Soon we will get married and have kids that later will go to school as well.

Try to live in the moment. Be presence and mindfull.

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