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Iosi Pratama

A Friday night. I’m staring at Tim Ferris's book titled 4 Hour Work Week at my home lil library. A book that I bought and read 4 or 5 years ago if I’m not mistaken and it has contributed to how I’m now.

Well, don't get me wrong. I'm still nobody. But I have many things that I can be grateful for. But on this post, I just want put a cent of perspective related to the title above.

A message that the author trying to share is we can have different lives (a better one) by escaping 9-5, living anywhere, traveling, working remotely, and others. It’s an alternative to the traditional path. I got buy-in.

Other than Tim Ferris, some people like Steve Jobs, Garret Gee, Jason Fried, Austin Kleon, and many more also have inspired me to question and design my own life.

Correct. That’s why I choose to be a designer. One of the things that I want to design is some aspect of my life. I want to minimize external factors to dictate myself and be able to go for something that aligns with my values and mission.

Think about these ones below for different live choice.

We don’t need to go to college as the only option to study. What about self-taught learning from courses, youtube,  practitioner and making our curriculum by deciding what to learn?

We don’t need to use an academic degree to get a well-paid job. What about having wide and real portfolios of what we can make and contribute to other people or companies?

We don’t need to send a cv to apply for a job, what about employer offering because of our track record and credibility on the internet?

We don’t have to work only for Indonesian companies. What about open opportunities for all the companies in the world to offer us?

We don’t need to spend commuting every day. What about working remotely and spending time more with family and the others that we love after office hours?

We don’t have to work 40hr a week. What about the freedom working more time for something that sparkles us or take a day-off and holiday - any time we want?

We don’t need to reside in a big city where usually very crowded and high in pollutants. What about living in the suburbs, being greener, fewer people, and maintaining of good quality of life?

We don’t need to settle in one place. What about living nomads while still in our 20s and gaining more perspectives and experiences?

We don’t need fancy materials things to impress others. What about just focusing on what makes us comfortable?

We don’t need to know influencers and celebrity personal matters. What about just focusing on our goal?

and many more.

Living the fullest sound too good to be true until we try and work for it. What do you think?

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