C2O Library & Collabtive

Iosi Pratama

If you happen to ask me what is my favourite place to spend my time other than home in Surabaya. My answer will be C2O Library & Collective.

The vibe.

The environment.

The interior design.

The art collections.

The space.

The greenery.

The books.

I love everything to be here. One of my favourite places to hang out alone.

This is basically a library which also has a coworking space upstairs if we want to get access to the internet connection. It located in Dr Cipto, Surabaya. You can find it on google maps easily for the address detail.

It’s so calm. No rush.

The perfect place to study and work. I can see Ubud in this place. I really love this place.

Unfortunately, this place is only open starting at 11 am which is very late if I want to start working at 9 am. This place is also closed on Monday. A bit different than the usual working hours. So it makes me have to find another place for my working needs.

Someday in future, when I build my own home or office or studio, I want to create the same environment. I will take C2O as design direction and inspiration.

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