The Hardest part learning english and the strategy to overcome it

Iosi Pratama

Patience and persistence is the key to improve english skill

Once time I found a question 

What is the hardest part of learning English?on Quora. Check on this link

 I'm interested to answer it because I feel the condition In short, my answer become one of favorites answer on that question. That's why I want to share in my personal blog. Here my answer.

What is the hardest part of learning English?

Thanks for asking that question. I’m in the process of learning English right now. I’m living in Surabaya, Indonesia where the native language is not English. But I want to know English more because as a designer, the online course material of design is mostly delivered in English. The other thing is that someday I want to speak English fluently at a conference. For me the hardest thing to learn English is patience.

I want to be fluent in English soon. So, I get stuck sometimes when seeing my daily progress.

So, what are my strategies to learn English? The first thing is finding my why. Get to know what my biggest fear is if I can’t speak English. What is my motivation? Set the goals, and what things that gonna make me happy when I speak English fluently. The second thing,

Consume English + Produce English

Consume such as:

  • I read English books.
  • I watch youtube videos.
  • I listen to English podcasts
  • I listen to English songs
  • Etc.

Produce such as:

  • I write blog posts in English
  • I write in my journal in English
  • Hang out in a community that speaks English and try to make a conversation in that community
  • Record my own podcast in English about the field that I study Etc.

I practice it every day until I don’t realize I am. Right now, I feel the progress is real. I could say that I write in English almost as fast as I write in my native language. I could speak English almost like my favorite youtube channels. Enjoy the process. Make it habit. I hope it helps you.

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