Being a Truth Seeker

Iosi Pratama

Here I am, sitting in the Garbamed hospital, waiting to get an MRI on my ankle. A week ago, I had a pretty bad injury while playing badminton. I couldn’t walk properly for about 3-5 days. Now, I can walk again, but there’s still some pain lingering around. People suggested I get it checked out, so here I am.

I’ll admit, I’m nervous. There’s this fear in me that maybe it’s worse than I think. But then again, I want to know the truth. I’d rather face whatever’s going instead of letting my mind or other people make up different thoughts about it. If it’s bad, at least I’ll know and can focus on fixing it.

As I sit here, waiting for the hospital staff to call my name, I open my writing app and start writing down thoughts for this article.

You know, finding the truth isn’t always comfy or easy. Sometimes, it’s what people call a “hard truth.” But I’ve realized something: finding it, facing it, and accepting it usually leads to better outcomes. Ignoring it doesn’t really help much.

Let’s talk personal growth, for instance. You can’t really level up without embracing your weaknesses, insecurities, and past mistakes. It’s tough, yeah. But once you’re okay with them, that’s when the real learning and growing kick in.

And then there’s the professional example. Ever had that feeling where your job just doesn’t align with where you’re headed anymore? It’s a tough situation to be in. Figuring that out might lead you to take a different path, maybe find out new opportunities or talk openly with your lead or HR to figure things out together.

Lastly, society has its own truths. Take privilege, for example. Life can be a mix of fair and unfair. You know, people with a good education, more than enough money, and useful skills and knowledge tend to get more respect and chances for a better life. Knowing this stuff helps us figure out what we wanna aim for.

I believe there are more examples out there in life.

Facing these truths, even if they feel a bit uneasy, can truly push us ahead in a meaningful direction. So, I always remind myself, and I encourage you too, to build the courage to seek the truth.

Wish me a good result test! 

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