Want to travel, but …

Iosi Pratama

I love travelling. Maybe you too :D.

I want to travel but I don't want my money be spent on that. At least for now or in the coming months. I want to focus to save money first.

Travelling in great. I believe it can give me perspective which can help me to see live in different way. It also super fun.

I want to travel across cities and countries so that I know more whats there far away from me. I want to see hows life in different places and cultures. Those are things on my life bucket list.


At this moment, I want to invest.

I see the opportunity in the market. So yeah, I decided to invest more these times. Other than that, I also need to prepare some future expenses.

I can still travel around Bali which is more affordable becuase I live here as well. Perhaps next year backpack to Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand? Hopefully.

7 Aug 2022

Joan Marin Cafe.

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