Lessons from My First Happy Client on Upwork

Iosi Pratama

This project was done on February 20, 2019. It was the first project I've got on Upwork. I did App Screenshots preview for iTunes and App Store. I work for Jose Mendez as a client. d In the end, this is what my client said. My First Review on Upwork Ignore the misspelling when he called my name Losi. It's common for me. Besides, he gives me a story/review how was that feel working with me, he also gives me bonuses $20 USD. The point is, I could say, the client is happy. Of course, I never get like that review if I work just work and deliver what the client needs. There are special services that I give. In this post, I would write it for me as a reminder, and for you.

Do what the best I can do at that time.

Yes, when I work on this project. I know I've got enough money because the fee for this project is $150USD. I believe it could be done less a week. I did this project carefully and give more attention to detail without rush. It truly gives an impact on the result that I sent at the first deliverable. Then, the revision is like minor revision such as change the text and color. It easy.

Reply Message as soon as possible

Jose told me that the challenge of hiring freelancers in other time zones is smooth communication. He usually waits for a day to get a reply from freelancer. When I work with him, I trying to reply to the message from him any time I got. I install Upwork Mobile App on Android and write for a question, clarification, or the other discussion. When I need to open my computer to do some editing or revision, I usually said like this, "

" Or when I do not bring a computer or doing another priority. "

" The point is, I want to help the client feel calm with the current status of their project.

Asking story, rather than just review

It's different if you compare what review I get from Jose and the review in the commonplace who said: "

". A story has more power for the client candidate who wants to know how if they hire me. Rather you ask for reviews, I say like this. "

" Them, boom.

A client is a little bit demanding, I trying to patients.

Yes, that's true. Sometimes I think our work is finally good. But, the client asking to make some changes again. As long as that's is a minor revision. I did it.

Give them an education or suggestion what is better for them, and why

Jose once asks me to make all of the text is UPPERCASE. I know it isn't a good decision because the UPPERCASE description is really hard to read by people. Especially if that description who has many words. Then, I suggest how about Sentence Case. It would be better and the title keeps UPPERCASE. Jose said thank you because I help him design better for his project.

Write the story of a proposal

Okay, for this point, this is what my proposal I sent to Jose.

My Upwork Proposal that got me hired.jpg

A few minutes later. I've got this reply.

Reply from Jose

So, do


for your own proposal.

Correct Name at first

Haha, yes, It's really personal. I found that the client often called me Losi rather than Iosi. Usually, I just on going with that situation because the goal is communication and the project is running. However, it affects on review after the project is done. Huuh.

Bid Higher so I'll feel calm when there is a delay in progress

This point is related to the "

" point. When I bid higher, besides what value my self better is in front of the client. I also help my self. Do one two three projects is better with the high-value project than I have to rush find another project to add works.

Be human. Miss, wrong, laugh, thank you

It because of the client human like me and you. Expect to do the character of a common human such as used emoticon when discussing the project to show my emotions. Ask sorry when I do wrong, and say thank you when he helps me correctly even the project is theirs.

I think enough about these lessons. I hope by writing it in here could help me and you better as a freelancer.

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