Tips for working on a Personal Project

Iosi Pratama

Working on personal projects is so important same as freelance projects, in them, you can explore and improve your skills as a designer. The personal project also could give you chance on something that you don't expect before. It could be your business or something that attracting your client. However, working on a personal project will be challenging since you work for it in your part-time. It easier for you to lost laser focus if you don't really have 'the why' of doing that project. Another reason is it will be your zero paid project for a while. Bellow are my tips for you to keep working on your personal project:

1. Define Deadline

Like any project, you need to define a deadline for your personal projects, define a plan and define sprints. Define a plan and sprint mean you write it down each step in your product development circle. Then, you remind it with a deadline.

2. Focus

We are not robots, you need to focus on one task and then the other task. Personally, I work all the weekday on working as a Full-time Designer. Then one weekend I could do personal projects. Find your best way. Besides that, you have to master task priority of what you need to do first. I usually use urgent and impact metric for measure the priority.

3. MVP

Like many projects, your personal projects need to be MVP, think in how you can launch faster. Remember, you want to iterate this faster. The MVP mindset also helps you better when thinking how to build a product.

4. Status

Your personal projects need to have status. You always need to ask you, what is progress you have done for the project. In my case, The status project like "In Progress", "Done", "Hold", and "Drop".

I hope this short writing could give you some insight on how you do your personal project. Don't hesitate to write a comment if you need to ask something to me.

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