I'm joining Tappz.de

Iosi Pratama

A Germany-based app studio that created an AI Chat App.

A company that put profitability over unhealthy growth, self-funded over investor money, and better product design quality over fast launch.


Some reasons why I decided to join Tappz.

  • Attractive offer. 60% Increasement from my prev salary at Finblox which I already consider big enough for me.
  • Making Apple ecosystem apps. First of all, I love Apple product design. Thus, as a designer, I have some personal bucket lists to design MacOS App and iWatch. I see an opportunity to do those at Taapz.
  • Different kinds of priority. Finblox is typical of a VC company that priority growth via burning money in the beginning. But tappz is trying to make money since the beginning. AI chat is quite profitable for them. I like this difference of focus. It will give me a broader view of how to make business later.
  • Joining early team. I will be joining as their 4th team member and first designer. As usual, I have an opportunity to refine my prev design process and bring something better to this new place.
  • Opportunity to go to Europe. This is also one of my bucket lists to work and live in Europe in the future even just for a week. Jonas, the director of the company told me that If I worked for a while with the company, they will consider flying me to Europe to meet the team. I'm very excited about that.

A new company always comes with new challenges.

With everything that will happen, I'm excited to learn and contribute.

Written on a sunny afternoon at C2O Library 

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