Birthday 23th Letter

Iosi Pratama

on June 4, 2022

Hey Iosi, In the next coming days you will be officialy 23th!

Hows your life so far?

I hope you are doing good and keep doing good onwards.

First of all. I would say thanks for you hard work in the past years. You used your time to learn, invest, work, and did other good thing that give good impact on you. You have been grown a lot so far in many aspect.

Let mention some of them.

  • You are getting good at your work which is interface design. Now you are capable of leading design in an international startup.
  • You are earning good salary which help you to invest and save more for future purpose.
  • You exercise more. You get better shape in body and help you to be more confident.
  • Your english is drastically improve. Now you can speak and communicate with foreigner without hesitate.
  • You invested a lot of money so far especially in stock market. Thats need courage to do it. You are willing to learn more and more. 
  • You made a lot of life mistakes.You admit it and learn from it.
  • You have a lot stress lately even make you think to quit and you keep going.
  • You decide where you want to live and work.

This year you will be 23 year old. There will a lot thing coming in the future. Before we are going to talk about it later in the letter. Let's focus on being present. Now. Enjoy your moment.

You don't have to worry about the future as long as you know your life purpose. Build consistent routine that will lead you to it in the long run.

It’s okay to break your routine ocassionally. Skipping your morning workout, stay late that end up to woke up late, and ignore the things that you suppose to do, and other bad things when you got fuck up. As long as you learn and get back to the track. Its still okay.

In this year. I hope to continue what you have been starting. I know you like to do side projects. You have a lot of it. But many of them are got abandoned. Thats normal because you have limited energy and time within a day.

I hope you to be happy always. Feel enough and more gratitude. You are doing really good today. I know you are obsess to achieve more that bring you to stress and unsatisfied. I don't agains it. I support you to achieve more.

Hey, it's not sprint. It's marathon.

I hope you to keep learning. I hope you to learn to be humble. Or at least to be more humble and willing to learn from everyone else.

Iosi. You have to prepare for whats coming next. Bigger responsibility with consequence behind every decision you make.

Don't think about it too hard know. Just do the good thing and repeat everyday.

Iosi. Happy birthday again!

4 Jun 2022.

Escape Coffee, Bali.

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