Why education is crucial for people

Iosi Pratama

Education is an important medium for acquiring skill and knowledge. It brings positive changes in human life because it enhances the knowledge, moral, and career. This paper breaks down about these.

Firstly, education encourages to take a broad view of life. When it is a pursuit of knowledge, becomes a definite process of enlightenment that aims at the liberation of ego. It enables individuals to looks at things from others point of view as well. For example, it is a somebody who has much knowledge to decide a certain case in his life. Hence, a great insight is vital for human life because it used in daily activities.

Secondly, education encourages moral of humanity. It is because a person who in the environment of academic institution learn how to respect others. It is all about attitudes and each people need it to live in society. For example, it is when an individual talk with a teacher, if the one has a good moral, he knows how to choose the right intonation and make a good conversation. Therefore, some researchers said that morality is more important than knowledge.

Thirdly, education encourages people's future. Researchers said that people who have higher education easier to acquire a job in a company. It is because the company believes that employees with high quality can help them to growth.

Therefore, everyone needs education to acquire a better career. In summarize, education is an essential part of people life's because it delivers them knowledge and moral to get a better career.

* This essay I wrote when I learned in TEST English School.

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