What I learned from Fail on Retainer Freelance Project

Iosi Pratama

4 Days ago, I start working on a one month(retainer) project from Giza Lab. It's an ERP Project for Seafood Marketplace. Giza is a design partner from design team Singapore that working with the client project,. Yesterday, they decided to make that day, the last I working on the project. I didn't meet the expectation, In other words, I'm failed. Today, I want to write the lessons that I learned from that experience so I could be a better designer in the next time.

Different the daily goals

I could say that working on a retainer project is a little bit different, the mindset we could use in mind. In a product company based, I work like choose the backlog or sprint on that day, and do it until achieving a great result. Then move to another task or backlog. Different on the freelance project because the client gives the wireframe and wants us like designing 12 screens UI in a day. That's a typical goal in a daily day. A number of screens in a day. It also because I just work in a month, the client hope could get as much as a possible result.

I Adapt after 3 days

It because this month I'm full-time Freelancer, and the first time I work on an ERP Project. The first time, I don't know how the ERP looks like. I know after the partner, that I work on, is designing the page after she doesn't like with my design. From this point, I learned how the characteristic ERP design.

Goals of the project are more important than me

I believe that in this situation, the smooth project is the main goals. Whether it was done by me as a freelancer or with another designer. So, when I quit from this project I learn this principle. I hope Allah could change it with a better project for me.

The Key Take Aways

Don't give up Iosi. Learn first and improve your UI design skill.  It's just the wrong project in the wrong person at the wrong time. What you need is to continue your freelance way and face every failure and anxiety.

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