The Ideas of being Digital Nomad

Iosi Pratama

In the same date, in the previous month. I still working as a full-time UI UX Designer in a WordPress Theme company in Surabaya, Indonesia. I work from Monday to Friday. 5 Days a week. Minimum 40 Hours.

In reality, I almost working more than 40 hours. My activities when I work is like this, I wake up at 3am/4am to pray. Then I sleep again. I wake up again at 6am to bring my sister go to school then back. The time show at 6.45am. I go to the bath. I pray Dhuha, and go to work at 8am. Commute time is about 45min, and 45min when I leave. I commute about 7.30 Hours a week. Usually, from Monday to Thursday, I work until 7pm, then leave after Isya. It's about 9-10 hours a day. And on Friday I work until 3pm. I did that for almost years.

This is what I feel.

The first six months is okay, I learn so much new thing. I'm so excited, I found the interesting path of my life and trying to adapt to the work culture. 9 Months. I'm starting to feel bored. Doing something unfulfilling in workday live. I feel tired, my healthy, eye health, think stressed.

On Sept 2018, I figure it out my next plan, the ideal life that I want to pursue later. I think deep about it, taking many references, and read many articles. At that moment, I decided to seek a new challenge.

October-November, I read and watch much stuff about Freelancer and Remote Worker.

In the end, I ask my self, this is right for me? In the last Dec 2018, I ask to resign to my CEO. Then, Usually, 30 Days notice. Cause of the office situation that still needs me in the production team.

My last become 28 Feb 2019. (60 Notice) 28 Feb 2019 is my last day in Djavaweb. Thanks for the valuable lesson that I learned in that.

What's next.

Back to the title of this article, the ideas of becoming a Digital Nomad. A digital nomad is a term that up in the world nowadays, we do a thing that we love and profitable, also works anywhere. Work on the go. I found it relevant for me because of the many things that I would share in bellow.

Pursue less and earn more

By working as a Digital Nomad or working from home (Freelance/Remote), I believe it will open the bigger chance to earn more as long as I have values that I could sell to a client.

Become more productive

In above, I've said that I used 7.30 hours a week for commute when I work. I imagine that a lot of time. I could use that time for writing, reading, and watching the other productive stuff. By working as a Digital Nomad, I hope could control my productivity in day to day life and eliminate non-essential thing.

Doing what I love

Yup, I hope could do what I love. And Profitable of course. I don't want because my money is touching a red zone, and I can't help myself, my family, and the other one when I didn't get any enough income. The passionate one is one thing. Profitable is the other thing. I have to figure out how to build a sustainable service for the client.

Creating a business/passive income.

By becoming a Digital Nomad, I hope could use my spare time to build a portfolio product that I could sell later. In the end, I would like to reach the term of financial freedom in my live weather that's from selling products, business owner, or passive income (investment).

Traveling more for seeking more perspective.

I always love to learn more about human life, how they made a decision. Travelling is one of the right options to do that. By traveling, I could learn how different cultures, opportunities, and lesson from local society. B

ecoming a Digital Nomad, I hope could do that. I pray to Allah, I could do traveling by working on what thing that I love. Insyaallah.

That's my ideas of becoming Digital Nomad. I'm not sure my journey as a Digital Nomad will be 100% straight forward like my plan before. There will be a challenge and problem in a middle way, so I need to adapt and maybe have to struggle because I don't have experience anyway.

I will find for a mentor, let's say a person or community who has become a digital nomad in years. They have a blog post or youtube channel, then I have to learn from it. Hope Allah give me that chance.

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