Product Leadership Book's Key Points

Iosi Pratama

The Notes bellow is my key points when reading the Product Leadership's Book .

The book is really interesting for me because give some insight on how the best practice when building a product as a team leader.

You need to be a people-first communicator who can rally everyone behind a vision without much formal authority

Organizations are using combinations of internal teams and agency partner to design world-class products.

Product leadership is more about leading people and less about pushing pixels, writing code, or administering project schedules.

Connecting the product and company value together to ensure consistency.

Implementing a process that works for your organization. Not all companies need the same process.

Learning how to get your product team aligned with the company mission, vision, and values.

Product leader has to speak a language and understand the priorities of each role such as financial, marketing, operational, and even the legal and regulatory environment the product lives.

It is not about individual success, it's about getting the best out of others.

Having a clear set of metrics or criteria that define how your organization is meeting its goals is an essentials part of the product leader's role.

The job of a product manager is to discover a product that valuable, usable, and feasible.

The product manager must the work towards building an actionable, strategic plan- a roadmap of incremental improvements, problem validation, and iterative design and development that takes the product step by faltering step closer to final vision.

Great product leaders need to present and communicate their ideas to others in clear, concise ways.

As a product manager, it's our job to make sure that the company is building the right product, but many(possibly of majority) of us don't feel like we're doing that

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.

Product leader will be judged by how well they deliver a valuable solution to a customer problem

We highly recommend making a hire only when both the specific problem can be solved and the overall value of the team will be raised.

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