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Iosi Pratama

We are living together in a Bali kind of villa-style house. I’m running a profitable business and she has other things to do with her work. Both of us have some similar interests including sports, reading books, traveling, etc.

On weekdays, we are working each other. After working time, we hurry to spend a lot of time together again. Sharing stories, discussing something from books or work, shopping for groceries, cooking food, or even just sitting in the living room watching movies until she or I fall asleep first. 

We maintain a good relationship with our family. We visit our family often and fully support them. We also maintain relationships with friends.

Both of us agree that the purpose of marriage is to be of the way to worship Allah by following Prophet Muhammad's guidance so we do it with good intentions.

See you.

Stories from the past.

18 Feb 2023.

Categories: Relationship

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