January 2019 Self-Evaluation

Iosi Pratama

Buy UX Books at least 1 book per 3 months

Writing UX articles at least 1 per 2 Weeks

After of that, I create goals each month to achieve the goals in every quarter of 2019. In January, My goals are:

Writing UX Articles (2)

Study: Become UX Designer from Scratch

Buy a UX Book

Read 1 UX Book

Writing on my personal blog (At least 3)

Personal Expenses is enough, no debt again

Answer on Quora something about UX (At least 1)

Ask on Quora something about UX (At least 1)

Let Break in each goal

Writing UX article (2)

It means I write articles that related about UX. Then publish it on Medium. For these ones,

I've accomplished this goal

These are my writing articles in January 2019,

Yes, those articles I have written on Bahasa Indonesia. two of them focusing on helping of friends who starting learn UX Design and have a goal to become a UX Designer. Looks, I write 3 articles about UX. So I could say that this

goal is accomplished


Study: Become UX Designer from Scratch

Last December 2018, I decided to subscribe a UX Online Course on IDF Interaction Design Foundation. I want to grow my knowledge and skill about UX and Product design, The first course that I take is titled Become UX designer from scratch, So far, I really enjoyed this course because the material is, how to say ... Like you learn from an expert, you get a high-quality explanation about UX, you satisfied because of it. In my other article, I've said that I've taken UX online courses on Lynda and Udemy before I take on IDF, But I feel in Lynda is too many chit chat/courtesy. I say it not to the point. Okay, back to this goal, In January, my goal is to study and even could pass the course. The Definition of Done might be, I've got the certificate of completion, If you see on this the image below, my progress in learning "Become UX Designer From Scratch" is almost done, I'm in lesson 5 that discuss UX Portfolio

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 18.42.57

I also get the certificate already This goal is accomplished If I want to do more, I have to learn and close this month with all of the lessons. It means learn all the lessons So, the next month I could move to another course.

Buy a UX Book

For this goal, like what I mentioned above. My bigger picture is at least I buy one book about UX Design per quarter in 2019. If this goal happens, at least at the end of 2019, I have 4 books especially in UX. January, February, and March. At least I book. I choose to buy one book in January. I already have the book list that I create in Airtable, you could see bellow

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 19.02.26

I bought a book

because I want to improve my typography skill. I bought from bookdepository.com with free shipping. The book is on way to me. This goal is also accomplished.

Read 1 UX Book

For this month, I don't read 1 fully UX Book, rather than, I read some books: - User Story Mapping by Paton, O'Reilly - Microcopy Book - SPRINT by Jake Knapp In the rest of January, I would like to read more about Microcopy book. It about crafting engagement and experience through UX Copy in digital product design. By the way, I could say this goal is accomplished too

Writing on my personal blog

This what I love did when don't learn about UX Design, I learn by writing. By writing, I learn how to communicate better, how to deliver something in my head into a message that can other people consume, I write in this blog, yes, in this article is written, You could see by going to iosipratama.com/blog I write more than 5 writing in January so this goal is accomplished automatically,

My Personal expense is enough

One of my issue these days is about Personal expenses. It always minus from the initial plan, so I debt from my another account such investation or emergency account, In Indonesia, Account mean Bank For additional information, I have divided my account into: - Personal Use Account (BNI Syariah) - Investation Account + Works Salary (Mandiri) - Emergency Fund (BCA Tabunganku) - Freelance account (Jenius BTPN) My personal uses account is about 50% of my current work's salary. I use this money to cover my lifestyle. In the end, I spend more money than my plan. It happens in the last 3 month. It is my self-task how to improve my spending skill in the next time or next month. I track my spending skill using an Android App called Money Manager One my challenge, when coming up with the personal expenses issue, is my habits called impulsive buying, it means like I buy something without any consideration. I follow my emotion.

Quora Answer

For these goals, is not yet. But, I would like to try to find something easy to answer in Quora, then I do it.

Quora Questions

For this one, I did it when I ask how do freelance UX Designer contracts look like. I think it's done for this goal.

What's I learned:

Yes, from this evaluation I see the pattern like usually I really enthusiast about doing something in an early month, then my spirit is getting lower after the third week and the last week. It happens when I learn UX Online Course on IDF. In the first, I learn many lessons in this course. The prove of the number like I'm even in the 4th position ranking in Indonesia. Actually, if I maintain this spirit until the last week, I believe could reach the 3 positions or even the topper. Okay, I think it's enough for my evaluation. Let's be ready for the next month.

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