I feel more productive using Pomodoro Technique

Iosi Pratama

Today I feel productive when practicing the Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro is a time management method to increase productivity by separate time between focus time and break. The time usually around 25 minutes. I know this technique a long time ago, but, in my workspace, I rarely to do it. I hear Pomodoro from books, youtube videos that recommend this technique to increase getting stuff done. By research that says human mind can focus people in only 18 - 20 Minutes. Then, after that our focus will decrease slowly]. That's why TED Talks is 18 minutes video. In my case, I work for 20 minutes then I break for 5 minutes. When I saw my backlog goals, I saw accomplish many goals. Effortless App for Mac.jpg I use an app call Effortless. It simple and minimalistic to do list plus timer app on Mac. It easy to add new task plus time. Then, the task will be on the top bar of Mac So it could give the urgency mode too. When the time is done. I'll get the notification through an interesting tone. Then, I could choose whether my task is not yet so I add 5 minutes again, pause, or done so I could break. Effortless Done.jpg When I'm in Pomodoro time/focus time, I have to focus only on works. It mean no distraction. There is no phone, no open WhatsApp, even put the smartphone far away. In my case, I put the smartphone in my bag. It impacts my focus time so I could accomplish more stuff done. Is there is no The Challenge in this way? Yes, absolutely always there is challenging whether it from me as an internal or from external things such as my coworkers who ask to do something, the CEO call me into his room, or something like that. All of those could disrupt your first focus. Anyway, I would say that it would better if you understanding the Pomodoro technique as a mindset and habits. I wanna say, please don't focus on the timer, 25 minutes, or the other fixed theory about pomodoro. Of course, you could do something flexibility. The main thing in here is, you train to focus on something that matter. In this writing case, is my work to do backlog/sprint. Then, avoid distraction especially from yourself. It's something that you can control.

It's all hard. I really feel it. It takes time to train it.

The worth from this habit will impact on your productivity into something that you can't expect before.

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