Essay #6 : Country Lifestyles vs City Lifestyles

Iosi Pratama

The country lifestyles and city lifestyles have many differences, such as work, the market, the environment, and the entertainment. This essay discusses the facts about these lifestyles below.

The first differences are work. Both country and city usually work, but they have different work methods. To begin with, farmers work outside and harvest. Employees of a company work inside and people who work with machines.

Second, the country has a small market and the big city have big markets. The third is is that people in the country do not need more money than people in the city. Everytime country needs to buy something, they can trade each other such as rice, potatoes, etc. But the people in the city make more money because they need more things than country people such as food, fish, etc.

Next, it is the environment. The two places have different environments. First, the country is quiet. But the city is noisy. Second, the country has clear climate and few vehicles. Third, one has cows and their life is peaceful, but the other does not have cows and their life is stressful.

Finally, of differences between the country and the city is entertainment. They have a big different tasted in entertainment. The people in the country have few friends, but people in the city have many friends.

Next, the country does not have colleges, but the city has many colleges. For example, the people in the country go to the city to attend college and learn about the different thing that people city do.

All of it told above such as work, the environment, and the environment usually show the difference between the country and the city.

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