Essay #5 : Surabaya Cultures

Iosi Pratama

Surabaya Cultures

Surabaya is a city that rich ethnic and culture. People come to the city from various ethnic such as Melayu, Chinese, India, Arab, and Europa. Meanwhile, from Indonesian ethnic, there are Madura, Sunda, Batak, Kalimantan, Bali, and Sulawesi. They came, living in the city and develop pluralism's cultures. This is what distinguishes the city of Surabaya with other cities in Indonesia. There are traditional cultures that everlastings such as ludruk, Remo dance, and Cak dan Ning Surabaya. This paper explains about these.

Ludruk is one of the theatrical genres in Surabaya. It is from of traditional performance presented by trouple of actors on a stage, retelling the life stories of every people and their struggles. The dialogue in ludruk are mostly comedic. The actors would almost always use the Surabaya dialect. Ludruk is a simple and straightforward comedy, making ludruk easily understood by everyone.

Remo Dance or in Indonesia as Tari Remo is dance especially to welcome a special guest to East Java. Generally, it is shown by dancing man. The musical instrument played in this dance is certainly a set of gamelan. In Surabaya, Remo Dance usually whos during Surabaya birthday.

Cak is a male call for Surabaya people, while Ning is for girl. Can dan Ning is event perform usually before the aniversary of Surabaya City.

In Summary, Surabaya as a old city has a unique culture. Ludruk, Remo Dance, and Cak Ning Surabaya are one of them.

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