Essay #4 : Shock Culture in TEST English School

Iosi Pratama

The big problem for many people who move to another city or country with a new environment is a culture shock. This felt by a student who just graduated from high school. The name is Iosi Pratama. After week studied is TEST English School which is located in Kediri, East Java, he felt some culture shock such as insomnia, homesickness, and over-concern about his health. This essay breaks down about his acclimatization.

First's culture shock that felt by Iosi Pratama is insomnia. According to guidelines from a physician group, insomnia is difficulty falling asleep, even when a person has the chance to do so. He felt it because circumstance of TEST English School is very crowded schedule from early morning to night. Even at night, he has to memorize some conversation. Hence, he just sleeps for 5 hours. Therefore, his steps to handle it is with planning better schedule and when rest's time he sleep for a few minutes.

Second culture shock is homesickness. Refers to Wikipedia homesickness is the distress caused by being away from homeland, family, and friends. Some certain moment made he remember the atmosphere in a family. The atmosphere when he and his family talk together and suddenly made he sad. For this culture shock, he tried to open his self with new people in there. The last culture shock is over-concern about health. Because of crowded of schedule, Iosi Pratama has no more time to keep his health. Besides, he also eating irregularly and sleeping less.

Finally, he made a schedule for his self and try to obey. Everyone has each culture shock and has a step to handle it. Iosi Pratama is person who fell insomnia, homesickness, and over-concern about his health when in TEST English School

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