Essay #2: Business and Education in Surabaya

Iosi Pratama

Surabaya is the metropolitan city of Indonesia. It is a very old city. It has much historical building importance. Surabaya is metropolis where people come from various land. They are come to the city either for study or business. This essay will explain people's reason choosing Surabaya to do these activities.

Surabaya is a big business center. There are hundreds of factories, manufacturing of goods which are ready to sell. Moreover, thousand of people are engaged in cottage industries and fill the market with the goods the produce.

Surabaya is an educational center and has many universities. The student's number is several thousand. There are hundreds of school with thousand of scholars studying in there. There is a number of medical and technology engineering. Surabaya can boast of a number of universities which cater to the need of students living there.

Because focused at business and education, it makes Surabaya grow fast. The city is dominated by young people and in the future, Surabaya bill becomes s smart city because of these.

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