Essay #1 Iosi Pratama's Step to Improve English

Iosi Pratama

In Surabaya, there is a student who wants to become the big leader in the future. The name is Iosi Pratama Putra. His opinion is that if someone wants to be a big leader, he should study hard to get a  lot of knowledge. In the modern era, much knowledge can be got if someone understands English. Because he was born in Indonesia which is mother language is not English, he must to improve his English skill. This essay tells you about how his step to improve the English language through an online and offline course. At the online course, he usually learns through reading articles, watching movies, and writing on his blog. Iosi Pratama's favorite article is about technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership. For articles about technology, his favorites sites are and Then for articles about entrepreneurship, he reads from several popular sites like and He also likes to watch movies on youtube to improve his English skill. Last, he writes for his personal blog The blog that contains his experience, thought, and opinion. For offline course, he improves his English skill through joining program or workshop where he can meet people who can speak English and talk with them. In 2017 he also joins English school at TEST English School. He believes that TEST English School is the right place to improves his English. Online course and offline course are two steps that do by Iosi Pratama. He believes, he can understand English and his dream to be a big leader is not just dream.

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