Am I Crazy Enough?

Iosi Pratama

This is my first month to become a full-time freelancer. I don't have enough money like other expert said we have to ... at least saving 6 months of our expenses. When I count it, I just have 2 months of blood/financial security. I'm going to freelance by brave and believe that I could survive.

Insyaallah. Now, is about 21 March 2019. It's about 21 days I live without going to the office and working regularly. For these 21 days, My goals to reach $1.330 USD as revenue for this seem like a little bit hard. Total of my revenue until right now is just $209 USD (Working on 2 weeks).

I don't have any other client except the primary client working on a web design project in 6 hours week with $15AUD/hour. And this week, the client silently, even my second-week work haven't paid yet.

Then, this week I also have 3 probable clients that might be could help me give more income this week. But, all of them didn't respond to my proposal or don't know when to start working.

Furthermore, I sent about 3 proposals on Upwork this week and didn't get any reply from the client . I know, I don't get enough income. And the crazy thing is I continue to spend money. Even much. I rent kost, buy tools and property. I buy this one, I buy that one, I buy blah blah blah.

Currently, I reserve a Coworking space in Geco Coworking Space for one month. I hope it could boost my productivity and working more focus.

Am I crazy enough? I hope not. I have to be crazier. Let's glad every moment.

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