23 NOVEMBER 2020

Electric Vehicles - English Short Essay

Iosi Pratama

In the last hundred years, vehicles are the greatest polluter, as emission from millions of vehicles on the road. Our world would be getting worse if we keep using this current technology to support human needs to form flexibility to move. The alternative is to have much more efficient vehicles that produce fewer emission in every mile. Electric vehicles are the answer to this problem. Here are the elucidations of this technology.

Electric vehicles or EVs are new innovations that powered vehicles by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. EVs use electricity as a fuel where the power is stored in large batteries which then it changed from DC Power to AC Power. With this technology, one might be a question, who is going to develop this new type of vehicles?

Tha major auto manufactures have been producing electric vehicles such as Tesla, General Motors, Ford, and many other companies from various countries in wide range of style and sizes. They created different type of vehicles include passenger-cars, mini-vans, trucks, busses, and scooters.

The EVs is environmentally friendly since its zero-emission technology. The EVs releases no pollutant because it has no tailpipe. Therefore, making it safe for the environment.

To sum up, EVs is a new stunning technology that have been created by many companies nowadays. It will give better and sustainable impact to the ecosystem.

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